Jim V-Lock Building Project
(Individual Proposal)

1st Year Core Studio
Spring 2014

Andrew Benner


Project was In partnership with Neighbor Works New Horizons of New Haven, an organization committed to develop and operate affordable quality housing, and HTP Ventures LLC, a private equity firm interested in mass producing micro dwelling units. 

The O-blong house aims to present a prototype for a small 300/600 square foot home that optimizes the lot through lateral segmentation. The house can expand through the addition of o-blong gable volumes, and outdoor platforms that also serves as sequential layers of the house.

House as configurable kit of parts: Module volumes and differing platforms that scale down the approach to the street.This allows the house to be adaptable to lots of various size and shapes.

Backyard to front porch; the offsetting of the volume allows the house to extend beyond its physical boundary, making it seem larger than it appears. Independent gable roofs within a single enveloping gesture grant identities for both tenant and owner when tenant space is rented out, while maintaining a cohesive character when tenant space is absorbed into the main house.