Part. 2
CBD Central Bicycle Hub & Waterfront Development


Beijing, People's Republic of China

Advanced Studio: China
Fall 2015

Alan Plattus, Andrei Harwell

Cynthia Hsu


The CBD district of Beijing is easily the busiest and the fastest growing sector of city, with an approved SOM eastern expansion plan ready down the road. The two main subway stops (Dawang Stn and Guomao Stn) are packed with daily commuters, visitors and shoppers with number of riderships (roughly 350,000) reaching 10 times that of  the Yankee Stadium ridership on game days.

In the attempt to alleviate the congestion, the SOM east CBD expansion plan features a green loop for alternative transport systems, which connects to the older proposed green loop in western CBD. Our proposal taps into that linkage, and seeks to extend that loop across the much neglected Tonghui River into the under utilized train test track fascility that occupies prime CBD riverfront real estate. 

1. beijing bicycle club central hub


2. CBD Waterside Development